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1.9 MIL
  • Registered on 14 August 2003, CAT Telecom Public Company Limited was corporatized from the Communications Authority of Thailand under the Corporatization Act B.E. 2542. All business, rights and obligations, assets and liabilities related to telecommunication of the Communications Authority of Thailand were transferred to the newly established CAT to ensure the seamless Continuity of operations and service provision.

    CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (CAT) provides CDMA network connection covering 51 provinces in 2007. Later, CAT switched from CDMA to 3G WCDMA/HSPA in 2013 by providing 3G cellular services on 850 MHz. The countrywide coverage of 77 provinces currently has 1.9 million customers.

  • In addition to individual customers, CAT also provides services to corporate customers, Government agencies and MVNO clients.

    CAT provides many different kinds of satellite telecommunication services throughout Thailand as well as in other countries all over the world, such as the satellite television broadcasting service, high speed circuit service, and international call service. At the present time, CAT is capable of providing satellite telecommunication services either domestically or internationally, such as THAICOM, ABS, ASIASAT, MEASAT, VIANASAT, PALAPA, AGILA, INTELSAT, and NSS.

    CAT also provides mobile satellite broadcasting services. These enables live-broadcasting for international sport events, such as SEA GAMES, golf, football and other sport events requested by customers; international conference broadcasting services, such as ASEAN conference, broadcasting news of various leaders of other nations visiting Thailand; broadcasting news for foreign news agencies- CNN, NHK, Asia works; as well as communication for helping people in the areas experiencing different disasters.

    CAT has invested in constructing different submarine optical fiber cable systems both domestically and internationally for serving the overall telecommunication items, for acting as the international Gateway for international communication, and for serving as the main as well as the reserved telecommunication systems along with the satellite communication. So far, CAT has the submarine fiber optic cables created by CAT itself.

    Nowadays, CAT has developed our own mobile infrastructure to support Smart City project and Digital Innovation Park. Moreover; CAT has plans for smart metering and smart farming in the near future.

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